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Pink Floyd exhibition

The exhibition on the international music legend at the Victoria&Albert Museum in London

When the Victoria and Albert Museum puts on an exhibition, there’s plenty to catch your eye. The installations are always of the highest quality: current, unmissable themes, attention paid to the exhibition itinerary, the choice of exhibits. So when the V&A organises an exhibition on an international music legend, that attention must be doubled, and indeed the 2013 David Bowie exhibition is still touring worldwide, and until mid-November, it is open to visitors in Bologna.

May 13th 2017 will see the inauguration of a full exhibition on the artistic lives of the members of Pink Floyd. From their debut in the incredible 1960s right up to the current day, it will visit legendary moments such as the unforgettable concerts in Pompeii and Venice, and tragic times such as Syd Barrett’s departure from the group, considered by many to be the ‘real’ Pink Floyd.

There are still many months to go, but even the exhibition title alone is enough to make your mouth water: The Pink Floyd Exhibition: Their Mortal Remains. As if they, Pink Floyd, were still with us, as if they had left their mortal remains here on Earth to rise up to the pure light of legendary Olympus.

― The exhibition on the international music legend

“Dive into an unprecedented, innovative and multi-sensory journey through the extraordinary world of Pink Floyd”; this is the invitation from the curators: another journey that we foresee will last for years, another journey after many others for which we are already indebted to Pink Floyd.

Federico Flamminio