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Normal clothes for normal women

Diverse, anti-conformist, imperfect, extremely beautiful. Watch H&M’s new campaign video

H&M’s new advertising campaign for its autumn/winter collection is called #Ladylike. A long sequence of normal women in normal situations against the soundtrack “She’s a lady” by Tom Jones. They are not all models, and they do not stand in typical poses: after Ikea and Benetton (campaign Clothes for Humans), H&M is also relaunching the normcore trend against stereotypes and fashions that present women as extremely beautiful and thin, but increasingly far from reality.

― A normcore trend against stereotypes and fashions

And so it is really the idea of redefining the concept of “woman,” and all the rather old-fashioned baggage that comes with it, which is the fundamental concept of this campaign. Aside from representing types of women who are usually neglected in advertising campaigns (including the transgender actress Hari Nef, the curvy model Katy Syme and the very beautiful Lauren Hutton who is completely at ease with her age), the most important question is what it means “to be a woman” today. There are poses (the girl “sprawling” on the metro), roles (the woman sitting as a manager on the board of directors), possibilities (two girls kissing), and styles (the bodybuilder), which until a few years ago would never have been acceptable for a “woman,” which are now represented because they exist in reality and because they are finally considered to be normal.
Independent, free, and smart women. They are proud and show themselves without shame, lingerie, stretch marks, extra body weight and all.

Alessandro Di Giacomo / Valentina Monti