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Editorial: Humanity in the midst of art and beauty

Humanity in the midst of art and beauty

The number of issues of The Italian Touch continues to grow, as the magazine enjoys increasing success, and a deepening conviction to continue pursuing the challenge of combining hairstyling images with news on fashion, culture, art and design: issue #20 offers Kemon’s hair fashions for Autumn/Winter 2016/2017, along with articles, in-depth studies and features, and analysis of the trends for next season, all while presenting and describing the close relationship that exists between art and beauty. From the origins of humanity’s relationship with its first artistic depictions on Paleolithic cave walls, through the evolution of art over the centuries, and right up to the contemporary murals by famous street artists, which have ever increasing symbolic value.

Our True Visionary Beauty promotes culture in the beauty world while also attempting to expand the skills of hairstylists: modern hairdressers must increasingly seek to act as complete image consultants, providing the highest level and widest variety of services in order to be extremely responsive in a continually evolving society. Our desire is to use The Italian Touch #20 to communicate the hairstyling culture and the culture of a good product. This is the only way we know to fill a world, often dominated by appearance, with something of substance.

Giuliano Nocentini

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