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Books: Avere la barba / The Design Hotels™ Book 2016

Avere la barba / The Design Hotels™ Book 2016

Avere la barba
Alessandro Toso / Diego Santi

To change one’s face to a more natural appearance as opposed to the look of a shaven face is a way of being.
Avere la barba is a self-financed and self-published book with a distribution of 200 copies that was written by three young men who have made their beards their symbol. It includes first-person interviews, photographs, stories, poetry and illustrations of the participants at the literary-artistic competition tied to the initiative.
Precisely now, when the trend reports are starting to give up for dead the beard along with the hipster movement, it needs to be stated that having a beard is not an affectation but a lifestyle. This book is a very valuable tool for doing so.

All photos, courtesy of Avere la barba, Padua 2013 (available at averelabarba.it)


The Design Hotels Book 2016
Design Hotels / Gestalten

Gestalten has led us to become accustomed to very high-quality books. In this latest version, the formal perfection of the edition is combined with the high quality of the content.
The Design Hotels™ Book 2016 tells the stories of 289 hotels from around the world. Magical, well-kept, restored places, brought back to life by enlightened owners. Peaceful and beautiful spots for spending time pampered by the surrounding harmonious environment.
Ten architects and designers are also presented, and with their work, they are able to both enhance the area they work in and influence creative people throughout the world: from Kit Kemp to India Mahdavi, from Space Copenhagen to Matteo Thun, the The Influencers List 2016 is a treasure.

All photos from The Design Hotels™ Book 2016 (available at designhotels.cc/shop)