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Farewell to Marta Marzotto

She passed away at 85. The news in a tweet by her beloved nephew Beatrice Borromeo

She was 85. Her passing was noted on Twitter by her niece Beatrice Borromeo.

Marta Vacondio, later Marzotto, from Albinea (Reggio Emilia). Born 24 February 1931 – Died 29 July 2016. Fashion designer and former model.

“I was very poor. It was a kind of poverty particular to the post war period. Someone once gave us a kilo of bread and my mother, sister and I tore it to pieces in five minutes, making ourselves ill”.

As the blonde wife of the industrial magnate Umberto Marzotto, she was the rousing queen of the salons, a mother of five and the unpretentious lover of Renato Guttuso, one of the greatest Italian artists of the twentieth century (their liaison lasted twenty years). She was deeply affected by the tragic death of her daughter Anna in 1987 (from cystic fibrosis at the age of 29). Divorced from Marzotto (he remarried someone less ostentatious), she became single. “She was a rash woman, as naive as she was generous”. (Chiara Beria di Argentine).

She is survived by five children: Paola (1955), Annalisa (1957-1987), Vittorio Emanuele (1960), Maria Diamante (1963) and Matteo (1966). “If I had only wanted Marzotto’s fortune, one child would have been enough, no?”.

Her son Matthew said of her: “She continues to relish a taste for existence”.

Mara Malda said about meals with her in Punta Volpe, Sardinia: “She would set the table every morning for a hundred people without having given out any invitations. She knew that at one o’clock there had to be something to eat, that people would arrive by land, sea and sky”.

After Guttuso and Umberto Marzotto, Lucio Magri (1932-2011) was the third and last of her loves. “He had a diabolical ability to excite me. Maybe because, psychologically, something in my nature wanted to dominate some part of him.”

“Everyone says that life has been been extended by more than thirty years. No, what’s happened is that old age has become longer”.


Source: cinquantamila.it


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