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Sober elegance

Modesty is beauty: the return of the one-piece swimsuit

French poet Remy de Gourmont once said, ‘Chastity is the most unnatural of the sexual perversions’. In this vein, exposing oneself in bikinis became the done thing. However, fashion campaigns recently launched a new trend for one-piece swimsuits which is taking over the runway. Furthermore, not only is the trend being followed by those who avoid exposing themselves for reasons of style and age, but also young women too. The revival of the classic swimsuit this summer has brought about new and creative designs in every colour, pattern and shape.

From Dolce & Gabbana’s collection inspired by baroque art in Southern Italy, to Moschino’s vivid designs and Missoni’s elegant shape designs, even the most biggest celebrities are converts to this trend. Two of them include Kylie Jenner, with her one-piece Louis Vuitton swimsuit at Coachella this year, and Taylor Swift in a stars and stripes bathing suit celebrating Independence Day in early July.

No longer does the body need to be exposed, overworked and put on show, but can now be kept from the public eye, to be seen by only a select few. The trend harks a fashion revolution necessary to cater to the large number of consumers unable to wear size zero clothes and undoubtedly marks a step towards style and modesty.


Alessandro Di Giacomo