Tell me the shape of your face and I’ll tell you what style suits you

You know, one of the wishes of those who go to the hairdresser, is to find a professional able to read your face, the head shape and therefore do cuts and shades highly enhancing expressiveness and beauty. The same goes for those who decide to wear, or better, grow a beard. Not all beards are suitable for a face and, alas, we must also say that not all faces are suitable for a beard. So, before you launch yourself in the now fashionable grooming trend, the advice is thinking carefully about the kind of face you have and, therefore, the kind of beard you need to draw.

The premium beard in recent years has been the full beard in hipster style, the one we might define “whisker.” The beard grows all over the face, but growth is directed downwards, blurring or shortening it on the cheeks and letting a well-kept beard grow under the chin and throat. However, only few can wear this beard. Only those with the rectangular face, as the actor Jake Gyllenhaal. For those who have a round-shaped face as Leonardo DiCaprio, the advice is to give up the full beard, as it highlight even more roundness, and focus on the goatee, to enhance the chin and give the impression of a pleasant sharpness. If you believe you have a square-shaped face like Orlando Bloom, choose a short beard, but with an unshaven look. This is called “five o’clock shadow.” Finally, those having the good fortune of having a diamond-shaped face, like Johnny Depp and other big Hollywood stars, well, you can do as you wish, with or without a beard, with a moustache, sideburns, goatee. The result is always going to be successful!

Federico Flamminio