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A selection from which to choose your favourite look

The well-known female barber Sarah, who we have already talked about in this article, has put together an array of the most famous beards and moustaches from history. To inspire clients and remind them of occasions made memorable by particular facial-hair styles. The resurgence of barbering is giving men the chance to enjoy and pamper themselves. There’s nothing left to do but choose.

Tom Selleck: painter’s brush
A decisive style, adapted to running around in Ferraris in Hawaii. The classic Magnum P.I.

Charlie Chaplin: toothbrush moustache
A type of moustache made famous especially by Adolf Hitler. Chaplin destroyed the similarity with the Great Dictator: the art that vanquished the monsters.

Karl Marx: the full beard
The Nightmare and Dream for millions of people. Monolithic like his Capital.

Lenin: moustache and goatee
Everlasting, they can still be admired in person at the mausoleum dedicated to the father of the USSR.

Lincoln: neckbeard
Probably one of the most difficult retro styles to pull off. At least if you don’t want to pass for THE President.

Clark Gable: a pencil moustache
He drove generations of romantics wild. The allure of elegance.

Dalí: the Dalí
There are no other words to describe it. Only he could. Surreal.

Elvis: sideburns
Affectionately called mutton chops, they are a combination of manliness and rockabilly.

Vercingetorix: the barbaric
Expressing strength and determination, it is able to instil fear. It’s a shame that it wasn’t enough for Vercingetorix.

Napoleon III: the Imperial
The popular classic in the mid-1800s, imperial beards have been coming back into fashion in recent times. The risk is, however, that they are identified as being from a very specific time.

Federico Flamminio