The Nomad Barber

Who is a barber? Is there something universal that through barbering unites people beyond borders, distinctive traits, conflicts? Barbering, or shaving, is a technique common to all human cultures. With no geographic or time distinctions, man shaves or chooses not to, but in this case, as well, there is great meaning in the growth of a beard.

We are not just talking about trends. There are millions of barbers in New Delhi or in New Zealand, the Caribbean, the United States or Europe. Not just brilliant salons, but especially the thousands of small shops, like those where the Turkish Berbers spray lemon cologne on skin that has just been shaven, or the old Greek Kouréas who carry on the ancient art of pogonotomy, shaving the beard, as their ancestors did more than 2,500 years ago, when philosophers and politicians met and debated at barber shops.

Who is a barber? Miguel Gutierrez tries to answer this question, leaving his salon in Liverpool to take a trip around the world to discover his profession. First in Greece, then Turkey, arriving at its polar opposite in New Zealand and then losing himself in the tentacles of India’s megalopolises. He documented everything by shooting video and putting it up on his website

— Shaving is a technique common to all human cultures

Because Gutierrez is a Nomad Barber. With no destination, aside from his curiosity to discover who or what is a barber. And the answer is found in his diary, made up of images and words, encounters, exchanges, surprises. An entire adventure to find the leitmotif that unites people, cultures and languages, beyond physical and mental barriers. Because all men have beards regardless of their nationality or religion. And if in every corner of the Earth there is a beard to take care of, every man loves to be pampered by the skilful hands of a barber.

Federico Flamminio