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Hair Styling

Six months of trend study and analysis have turned out two hair collections for women and an entire collection dedicated to men. Sartoriart, the first mood, has intense colours and contrasts that are so , yet define precise areas with points of light. More well-defined forms and facial details are enhanced with elegant disconnections and long or short fringes, the weaves are enlivened with a contrast of light and shadow achieved thanks to the combination of a matt-and-shine finish.

Graceland, the second collection, interprets colour in a desaturated way, and does not use contrasts but rather shades that blend together. It uses light forms and no geometric shapes to achieve an extremely natural look with hair that is completely free and in continual movement.

For men, Britster is a hipster evolution that generates two trends with a British influence. In the new hipster, a new concept of barbering and a surgical use of Brylcreem are back to make it possible to obsess over every colour shade and lock of hair. The fashion addict, on the other hand, analyses and reworks new trends, projecting a Brit image with defined, forward-thinking cutting lines. Like an imaginary fifth Beatle projected towards the future, he is clean shaven with no trace of a beard, which has become a distant memory.