True Visionary Heritage

Nowadays “heritage” – from the Latin ‘hereditas’ (“inheritance”) – is linked to the concept of cultural heritage passed down through the generations; “cultural heritage” in the sense of knowledge, identity, wisdom shared by a community. A heritage in transformation, mutable, one that by its very …

African lovers

Behind the Cape-Town shooting

Although it has the whiff of an undying fascination inspired by the millennia-old African culture that gave birth to all the races of the modern world, Cape Town is as European as you will find in Africa. Supremely creative, unique, different, with its conflictive past …

Tree Canopy walkway

One of the world’s most enchanting botanical gardens – 528 hectares (36 cultivated, the remainder protected forest), trails blazing through luxurious vegetation, flowers, plants, trees and the remnants of a wild almond border (planted in 1660 by Jan van Riebeek to demarcate the extent of …

Future Active

Spring/Summer 2019 Hair fashion collection

The evolution of the “sportswear” scene has led to a disconnect with actual physical activity, yet retaining the necessary components thanks to how easy it is to pull on these comfortable outfits. The name of the mood expresses an outlook that reveals a future that …

Cultural fusion

Spring/Summer 2019 Hair fashion collection

A modern understanding of “ethnic”, a concept that was once clearly distinct between East and West, embodied by refined African tribal patterns. Nowadays, modern times and the chance to travel around the world in person or virtually enable greater contact between cultures that are world’s …

K-NOW #3 Hair team portraits

Behind the Hair fashion collection

Kemon hairstylist team, creators of the Spring/Summer Collection 2019.   Antonio Candido / Aged 34, from Lecce. An expert in barbering and styling, he is responsible for the image of models, influencers, rappers and footballers. Highly active on social media, fashionfocused, and always on the …

Afro trends

Kirsten Goss Jewellery /

Kirsten Goss was born in South Africa although her worklife began in London. Studying economics, she diversified into a degree in goldsmithing and jewellery design as this “was the strangest thing I could do while still doing something academic”, split between her mathematical mind and …

Tribal art

Southern Guild Gallery /

In 2014, Cape Town was elected World Design Capital, an honour granted every two years by the World Design Organization in recognition of cities that use design effectively as a guiding force for economic, social, cultural and environmental development. This honour was both recognition of …

Zeitz Mocaa

Brutalismo sudafricano /

The largest contemporary African art gallery, 9500 m2 across the nine floors of the Grain Silo Complex, this city’s landmark building, alongside the port, is an old granary dating back to the 20s (decommissioned in the 90s) which stored all the grain coming in from …

15 on Orange Hotel

Within shouting distance of the Company Gardens (created around 1650 by the first European colonists to grow fresh produce to supply the ships sailing around the Cape, and home to the oldest pear tree in South Africa), with a beautiful view out over Table Mountain, …

Epic sweaters from “The Cosby Show”

Incredible patterns: illustrator Kelly Tucker re-designed all the graphic designs from "The Cosby Show"

They are part of history. Indeed television’s history. Sweaters with impossible patterns that Bill Cosby wore when he played Dr. Robinson in the very famous 80s series by the same name. Anyone who has lived in those years remembers it vividly. It wasn’t just Bill …

Touchable Art Museum

Prohibited not to touch

We seldom realise that art in museums is only for those who have eyes to see it. but it’s not always the case. We rarely stop to think of distant realities from our everyday life, like that of blindness. Even more rarely we thought of …

Elliott Erwitt / DOGS

Dogs photographed by the best dog photographer

The exhibition entitled “Elliott Erwitt: dogs are like humans, only with more hair” was inaugurated in the Casa dei Carraresi rooms, in collaboration with the Fondazione Cassamarca from Treviso and Magnum Photos. For the first time, the selection of work is exhibited in Italy, grouping …

Alphabet Dieter Rams

The historic objects of the great German designer are transformed into a brilliant alphabet

From Beijing, graphic designer Gao Yang’s Art Particle, expresses his admiration for Dieter Rams, creative director of the German company Braun from ’61 to ’95 and author of the 10 principles of good design (including the famous “Less, but Better”). In Art Particle, Gao Yang reproduces an iconographic 3D alphabet …

Petz Hornmanufaktur

"If someone says: I can do it too, it only means that he is able to imitate, otherwise he would have done it sooner" (Bruno Munari)

A tree-lined courtyard in the 15th district of Vienna. When you enter the Petz Hornmanufaktur factory it is as if time stands still: the air is rich with the scent of hot cow horns and you can see the fresh carving dust in the rays …

Ultrà scarves of the Museums

Signed Cattelan / Seletti: very cool scarves that combine art and streetwear

Uniting the parallel worlds of art and football was an impossible mission but, in collaboration with Seletti, Maurizio Catellan has succeeded in doing so. In fact, the Italian artist has launched the Museums League collection, part of the broader Made in Catteland project. This is …

40 years of Hip Hop

From the street to the museum: photography exhibition at the Ono gallery in Bologna featuring Michael Levine’s superb photos.

From black Bronx ghetto subculture to a cultural phenomenon that spans music, dance, graphics, fashion, and visual arts: 40 years of Hip Hop are celebrated in Bologna at the ONO contemporary art gallery with an exhibition that traces its history through 30 shots from the …


"The greatest cultural extravagance imaginable" (David Bowie)

“Paris is always Paris and Berlin is never Berlin” (Jack Lang, ex minister of culture, discussing how fast the city changes). An always different urban scene, one of the biggest cultural capitals in the world where nothing stays more visible than what is attempted to …


Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

An urban attitude, casual, which connects with a world where the real and the virtual coexist feeding off each other. Chromatic contrasts redefine traditional aesthetic canons, recalling details of the past which are reinterpreted in an alternative and absolutely interesting way. Colour Cramer Color 7.24 …


A digital experience translated into a tone of fashion, in which the digital part belongs to the light effects which according to their inclination, change colours and also emotions, evoked by an image, a fabric, a place, a hair colour. Colour NaYo 8.44 + NaYo …


An Inventory of Private Houses in Southern Puglia

Salento Moderno brings together a range of private homes built since the 1950s in Salento, in the area to the south of Lecce: single and double-family dwellings which, in terms of quality and variety, represent a unique example of spontaneity and aesthetic anarchy on the …


Berlin edition / Avant-garde galleries

  Berlinische Galerie / / Born in 1975 to celebrate the attachment of the city to modern culture and architecture, the Berlinische is housed today in a 60s manufacturing workshop converted into the gallery-museum by Jorg Fricke in 2004. Divided in two spaces connected by suspended staircases …


Mykita glasses shops

Its first headquarters, in Berlin, were an ex-kindergarten, Kita in German, hence the name Mykita. And it is probably a coincidence but creativity, reinterpreting rules in a personal key and the capacity to think out-of-the-box which so characterize that phase of life when playing prevails, …


Liquidrom /

If every space is friendly in Berlin, this is one of the friendliest spaces in Berlin. Liquidrom is a “sensorial water world”, maximum contemporary evolution of the concept of Design SPA, where it is possible to relax in the dark, with electronic or classical music …


Klub7 /

One of the most notorious street art collectives in Berlin, in constant rise from the end of the 90s to today in Germany and the world. Six artists, six friends, six different styles perfectly harmonized between them. We contact via mail Ingo aka Diskorobot to …


Julian Rosenfeldt & Cate Blanchett’s Manifesto

A homage to the art world through 13 art and literary manifestoes of historical Avant-guards of the 20th century, 13 very different faces, 13 genius monologues interpreted by a magnificent Cate Blanchett. Manifesto, by director Julian Rosenfeldt, is not only a film, it is a …

This month’s haircut / JULY 2018

Chiara Ferragni turns her blond in a Pale Pink Flamingo dye: like it or not?

Day X is the first of September, when Chiara Ferragni will say “yes” to her Fedez in Noto, Sicily. However, there has been talk of the marriage for months now: the first step was the bride’s bachelorette party, held in Ibiza with 19 friends and …

The beard in history

From Ancient Greece to Classical Rome, the barbarians, and the Far East...

A mans beard, if it is never cut, could reach a length of more than 9 meters. That’s how we imagine the desert hermits, covered only by long hair and white flowing beards. However, such style does not fit in society and that is why …

Michael Jackson, the myth

Would have turned 60 in August: see London's exibithion-event pictures

Almost 10 years on from his death, and in the year during which he would have celebrated his 60th birthday, the National Portrait Gallery in London dedicates an exhibition to Michael Jackson. Thriller (Black and White) by Graham Dolphin 2017. Courtesy of the artistConsidered one …

The honey moon room of John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Faithfully repeated at Venice Biennale, is a metaphor of the bed as a working place in the social media era

In the Dutch Pavilion at the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale, architectural expert Beatriz Colomina has reconstructed John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s Honeymoon Suite, the historic room 902 at the Hilton Hotel in Amsterdam. The work includes the bed in which the couple sat, surrounded by …

Alberta Ferretti’s Alitalia t-shirt priced 168€

Having your company logo on a plain white t-shirt and make it overpay: a brand awareness triumph or pure madness

The occasion to discuss Alitalia brand came with the launch of the airline’s new uniforms, after those designed by Ettore Bilotta, who also caused a stir, as they were judged unwearable, with embarrassing green socks for the female staff. Alberta Ferretti is the designer who …

The estreme frontier of genderless

Xander Zhou's catwalk is populated by men in evident state of pregnancy

In a relatively drab Menswear edition of London Fashion Week, Chinese designer Xander Zhou created quite a stir with a collection that represents his vision of a future world populated by alien creatures: “With NEW WORLD BABY I tried to create a sort of film, …

Andrea Pazienza, thirty years gone

"He was the founder of a great school that had no favourite pupils as it was inimitable, a unique talent" (Roberto Benigni)

30 years after his tragic death at the young age of 32 (in Montepulciano on June 16, 1988), ARF! Festivals and Comicon present an intense exhibition of original works that celebrates the most eclectic and brilliant Italian author of all time and that, finally, brings …

Gucci Cruise 2019

The last creations of a brand reinventing the rules of fashion

The spoiler happened on the evening of the MET Gala, when Alessandro Michele, Gucci designer, introduced himself along with Jared Leto and Lana Del Rey, dressed with sacred vestments, crosses, feathers and religious symbols. But the theme of the party, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the …

Freedom for lingerie

Savage X Fenty by Rihanna: affordable, for every skin complexion, available in any size

“Inclusion” had already been the key word in the establishment of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty make-up line: she developed as many as 40 foundation nuances for every skin colour in our multiethnic world. And Rihanna had women of every colour and body shape in mind when …

Terento public school

It's a primary and secondary school, library and market. There should be more schools like this in Italy, not just in Bolzano provence

It is a holistic village concept, which the Viennese architecture studio feld72 planned when they designed the new Terento school complex, 1,750 inhabitants in the province of Bolzano. The kindergarten was added to the old elementary school from the 70s, which was adapted, also integrating …

Cannes 2018, wet look triumph

#HairTrend // "Two interpretations of wet look effect: classic and a gorgeous wet/dry" (Mauro Galzignato)

Cannes: La Croisette, French glamour, one of the most famous film festivals in the world. Divas, actresses, influencers and models divide their time between endless red carpet appearances, parties and photo calls. Among the sumptuous dresses, opulent jewels and highly studied hairstyles, make-up artists, stylists …

The Hair Gala

Kemon Days 2018: the most beautiful edition ever, a symbol of the culture of beauty

An event that combines entertainment, training and fun: this year’s Kemon Days has improved its formula, shaken up its ingredients and added a lot of glamour which has resulted in probably the most beautiful edition ever. The spirit that pervades the company’s mission, the will …

How good are italian packaging designers?

During Milan Design Week, three projects in which rediscover style and elegance of made in Italy in every-day objects

FATTO BENE // The Italian Everyday Archetypes project offers a selection of common, but well designed, objects for sale. Project managers, journalist Anna Lagorio and photographer Alex Carnevali, also collect photographs and stories of historic Italian industrial and craft products. All selected objects are …

The history of hairdressing: the English school

Always considered the greatest masters of haircuts, "Beehives, Bobs & Blow-Dries" is an exhibition that retraces half a century of revolutionary hairstyles: take a look at the gallery

Barnsley is an English town in South Yorkshire, which, at the end of 2009, transformed their old Civic Theatre which was closed and in disuse, into a new multi-purpose cultural space for the city. The revived The Civic is a theatre, venue for exhibitions and …

Welcome back Resurrection

Back to shine after a two years recovery the most famous artwork on Christ resurrection

Piero della Francesca’s most famous fresco, Resurrection, appears more secular than spiritual: it portrays Christ as a victorious warrior coming out of the tomb after conquering death. Following a year and a half of careful restoration the fresco has come back to life, showing brilliant …

This month’s haircut / MARCH 2018

Levante changes colour. Always beautiful but regretting her black hair?

Singer, writer, talent show judge, style icon, modern woman and artist, Levante migrated from the alternative music scene to the limelight of X Factor in the blink of an eye… and her large, magnetic eyes, cleverly framed by MAC make-up artists, have added to the …

Abandoned clubs

In the Facebook era, the slow decay of real human interaction: see the gallery

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook among the students of Harvard. It triggered an epochal change in our way of interacting. “You can’t make it to 500 million friends without making a few enemies” was the slogan of the film The Social Network. And one …

Design before design

110 years of Olivetti on display in Rome: the most beautiful typewriters in the world

Design before the birth of design, before we knew what it was, before it started to improve our lives, to infuse beauty into everyday objects; the vision of progress, of the people, of corporate social responsibility, of communication and the link with the territory. This …

Braids evolution

Beautiful things to be seen at the Milan Fashion Week: Jil Sander’s braids defy gravity

Created in 1973 by the homonymous German designer who is known for minimal and essential lines, Jil Sander is one of those brands to which the change of hands of the founder has made a little ‘lose course and customers. The arrival of an Italian …

VUITTON Fall/Winter 2018/19

A blend of tradition and modernity, Vuitton woman is the quintessence of french elegance

The Louvre Museum, with Star Wars style scenography: here Nicolas Ghesquière, Creative Director at Louis Vuitton, in front of a super parterre of celebrities including Emma Stone, Michelle Williams, Sienna Miller, Sophie Turner and Jaden Smith, presented the new Autumn Collection / Winter 2018/2019 A …

Chanel’s woods of wonder

Karl Lagerfeld presents a collection of such contemporary elegance which is destined to be timeless

The Grand Palais in Paris was transformed into a dense, imaginary forest: the forest of wonders, created by Chanel to present the next Autumn / Winter Collection 2018/2019. In an era in which fashion mixes day / evening, masculine / feminine, seasons (it is difficult …


2017 edition

Art Basel was founded in 1970 by Ernst Beyeler, Trudi Bruckner and Balz Hilt. In just a few decades, this modern and contemporary art fair in the heart of orderly Switzerland has since developed into the most significant event on the artistic international market. 16,000 …


Brutalismo tropicale

When the transformation of the massive Suntrust Bank building was announced in 2005, there was a determination not to create yet another cement parallelepipedon with a shopping centre and multistorey car park. The renowned Swiss studio Herzog & de Meuron was entrusted with developing the …


Here rules the South Beach law: keep healthy and on shape

Overwhelmed by all-night parties, shopping, crystal blue waters and white sand, art, design and meticulous urban furniture, guests at the Washington Park Hotel step into a world where they are welcomed with a refreshing cocktail and leave feeling rejuvenated, thanks to this splendid facility’s beauty …


Color explosion

Super-trendy and north of Downtown, Wynwood is the artistic heart of Miami. A neighbourhood entirely covered in murales and graffiti by famous artist from all over the world, animated by a burgeoning night life sceneevery day of the week, involving art galleries, bars and clubs …


Contemporary K-NOW

Today, the term Fashion often elicits contrasting opinions. It may simply refer to what we are wearing, our outfit, hair, or our make-up. Some of us also see it as an all-embracing artistic externalisation, whereas for others it is a brilliant opportunity for innovation and …


Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Fluidity of gender, age, attitude. Fluidity as the freedom to move within social confines stretched to limits which only a short time ago would have constituted provocation, protest, diversity. FLUID is a play of stylistic equilibria for women with a strongly feminine attitude who also …


Spring/Summer 2018 Collection

Ethnicity/Multi-ethnicity are cornerstones of a transversal connectivity which enables us to relate with others and our surroundings. A mix of global/local, social/real life, digital/analogue. A message which opposes the taboo of “diversity”, inviting us to create spaces for sharing and comparison. Aesthetics personalise and update …


Beheaded models, alien creatures, baby dragons and 90's logos: the infinite visions of Alessandro Michele

It all started with the invitation to the show: an orange timer with a countdown to the catwalk. And yesterday, finally, the presentation of the Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection in a surgical atmosphere: “I wanted operating tables because for me they perfectly represent the creative act …

The sculpture of Jago

“Habemus Hominem”: exhibited in Rome including Pope Ratzinger naked bust

31 years old, from Frosinone, with excellent communication skills and an ability to exploit them through social networks (250k on Facebook, 38k on Instagram), Jacopo Cardillo in art Jago is a sculpture in the most Michelangelesque sense of the term. An all-round artist (we also …


Editorial project

K-NOW as in Kemon, now: what its deemed as beautiful, today, by Kemon, creates culture and deserves to be described, photographed and published on the pages of the brand’s magazine K-NOW as in know: understanding, conveying a message, expressing our own values through design ranges …

Snøhetta’s last marvel

Only reachable from the sea, Svart is the most environmentally friendly hotel in the world

North of Norway in the Arctic Circle, at the base of the Svartisen glacier, with one foot on the earth and one in the water, Snøhetta architecture studio has produced its latest design miracle. The Svart hotel is, in fact, the first hotel to be …

Street-art evolution

Philippe Echaroux's monumental projections on Amazon Rainforest trees: Project Street-Art 2.0

Street art against deforestation: As founder of the Street Art 2.0 project, French artist and photographer Philippe Echaroux has devloped an evolution of street art that is technological and ecological in form. Instead of working with spray cans and brushes, Echaroux has used the projection …

Alessia Solidani’s wonderful hairstyles

Backstage photos from the shooting of the new WHITE Collection dedicated to brides and haute couture

Milan, 13th February, Cross Studio. The new WHITE Collection dedicated to ceremonies and grand soirées has been taken on by Bookin ‘Agency, under Alessia Solidani’s careful artistic direction. Two moods: hairstyles and outfits for the daytime and a change for your evening look. Four hairstylists …

This month’s haircut / FEBRUARY 2018

Katy Perry with her beautiful double peach colouring: a very interesting fake undercut

Years of experimentation with colour, although always remaining faithful to her characteristic long hair. After the break with her boyfriend (rumour says), came the classic cut that led her to show off very short platinum declinations. In this latest version, however, Katy Perry now boasts …

The invisible man

Amazingly camouflaged, can you spot him? The incredible performances of Liu Bolin displayed at Vittoriano Museum, Rome

From 2nd March until 1st July, the Chinese artist Liu Bolin will be at the centre of a great exhibition on his incredible art of camouflage at the Rome Vittoriano: in his works the body is always incredibly camouflaged against his background, immobile, like a …

The brilliant street-art of JR

The monumental works of the French artist on display at Lazinc in London: see the gallery

The Frenchman, who became an artist after chancing upon a camera on a metro train, started taking and gluing together images on the same streets where he created them. JR (like the initials of his name, but also in reference to the famous villain of …

Always provoking

"More than fifty years of magnificent failures": the photographic career of Oliviero Toscani on show in Otranto

Born in Milan, 28 February 1942. An internationally famous photographer, perhaps, among the Italians, the most famous and quoted. “News reports are too easy, where you find slaughters, blood, the dead, take pictures everywhere, make a layour and you’re done”. His photos are on display …

The 5 best barber shops in Europe

Prices and plus of La Shaperie, Sam's Barbers, Bullfrog, Dreist and Barber Rules

FRANCE // La Shaperie Paris Not just a barber, but also optical and headwear. They have four salons in Paris, one of which is decorated by the street artist Chanoir. Masters in hair cutting, their dry cut for men costs 30 euros, with a traditional …

HAIR TREND // Grammy 2018

From Lady Gaga's tied back to Katie Holmes' super-short: Grammy's best 5 hairlook

The 60th edition of the Grammy Awards, the Oscars of the music world, held at Madison Square Garden in New York, was dominated by Bruno Mars who won the most important awards (Best Singer and Best Album), with Kendrick Lamar and Ed Sheeran winning in …


Paris Fashion Week MAN + COUTURE Fall/Winter 2018

Paris Fashion Week, the best hair fashion trend for Fall/Winter 2018… Among the hairstyles seen in the last few days, the is represented by the diagonally parted hair by Iris. “Otherwise,majority of supersleek wet look, few deconstructed soft shapes and few ‘bob’, geometrically ruffled or with …

HAIR TREND // Milano Moda Uomo F/W 2018/19

Breaking news: men's hair are getting longer, estabilished by the Fall/Winter 2018 catwalk shows

In an era of co-ed catwalks (where men and women walk together), the concept of gender neutrality is getting stronger, so much that last week’s Pitti Immagine Uomo dedicated a whole section to it (OPEN: Beyond Genders). Milano Collezioni highlights another important trend: men’s hair …

7 hallucinogen recipes

In the picture, foie gras and hash jus

Chef Dominique Persoone, master chocolatier at The Chocolate Line in Bruges, has found a way to make chocolate that you can snort. Created for a party with the Rolling Stones, the Chocolate Shooter releases a flood of endorphins in the brain. Peruvian chef Virgilio Martinez …

The most beautiful nursery school in Italy (and perhaps in the world)

A public structure rebuilt after the earthquake in Emilia: in Italy, when we want to be, we’re the best in the world

When it comes to schools and education, especially in the 0-3 age group, pedagogy and psychology aren’t the only subjects involved. In Emilia they have always known this (it is no coincidence that the Reggio Children model has become an internationally recognised benchmark of excellence) …

HAIR TREND // Golden Globe 2018

Three best hair looks: Claire Foy, Jessica Biel and Millie Bobby Brown with commentary and secrets for creating them

The 75th Golden Globes, an edition characterized by black worn by all the present actresses, as a sign of support to the global anti-harassment cause and to the #MeToo movement, and with a strong emphasis on female empowerment that reached its climax in Oprah Winfrey’s …

The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Ricky Martin in tight-fitting briefs, Penelope Cruz playing Donatella, Édgar Ramírez in the role of Gianni: the magnificent posters of the main characters

Among the most awaited series of 2018, from the first posters and images published, you can immediately envisage how American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace reconstructs, to the last detail, the story of the death of the great designer. A mix of glamour, …

The trendiest granny in the world

As a joke, her nephews made her a profile three years ago. Today she has 3 million Instagram followers and writes “stealing your man since 1928”

On the 18th of July she will turn 90, and in one of her latest posts, published on her instagram profile with 3.3 million followers, she appears on Brazilian beaches while she touches her backside with male gymnasts drinking coconut milk. Baddie Winkle first appeared …

An ode to Gabber subculture

Se uscire in tuta e Air Max è diventato trendy dovete ringraziare una crew di ragazzi di Rotterdam che dagli anni ’90 ballano techno

It started in the early ’90s in Rotterdam, Holland, from a mixture of Feyenoord fans and suburban kids who started to  mix for dancing and hardcore music (powerful and rapid techno which goes from 160 to 200 bpm and more) and to contrast with their …

The 10 most expensive haircuts in the world in 2017

It’s “only” 600 dollars for the “Rachel” haircut by Chris McMillan (while Stuart Phillips asks for 9,000 and is not even the most expensive…)

The cost of a men’s haircut around the world ranges from 3.10 dollars in New Delhi to 62 in Zurich (according to Business Insider), but there are special salons where a single cut can reach the very highest figures. 1. Chris McMillan, 600 dollars. The famous …

The oldest barber in Italy

Today he turns 83, and every day since 1952, at 8a.m Signor Sergio opens his salon in Brescello: 5 euros for beards, 12 for haircuts

“He has never taken a holiday”, Riccardo Bruno, journalist with Corriere della Sera tells us (full article here). Sergio Bianchi Ballano, who turns 83 today, has been a barber since 1944: “For 73 years, I was ten years old when I started as an apprentice. …

This month’s haircut / DECEMBER 2017

From Star Wars, Laura Dern / Hondo vice admiral, "Wonderful mix of soft waves with a purple pastel colour shaded in light grey" (Mauro Galzignato)

On December 3rd, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the eighth and penultimate episode in the most enduring and successful saga in cinematic history, was released in Italy (2 days before its release in the USA). Set in an imaginary galaxy, during an unspecified era, from …

50 years since the birth of Kurt Cobain

What remains of grunge: the photographic exhibition "Kurt Cobain 50" opens today in Bologna

The 5th February will be the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of Kurt Cobain (Aberdeen, 20th February 1967 – Seattle, 5th April 1994). The exhibition by Ono Arte Contemporanea in Bologna that opens from today, 13th December until 31st January 2018, comprises magnificent photos by …

An hair salon straight from the 80’s

In Lubiana, a jewel of 80's design is today's must to go for an hair restyling

The two-dimensional graphics, coloured and printed on vinyl, betray the graphic design origins of the two project designers from the Kitsch Nitsch studio, however, they characterise the look of the YMS salon in Ljubljana in a truely original way. The Slovenian Mič Styling hairdressing chain …

HAIR TREND // Fashion Awards 2017

Italian Super Triplette: awarded by the British Fashion Council Donatella Versace, Marco Bizzarri (Gucci) and Maria Grazia Chiuri (Dior)

One of the most glamorous events of the year, the British Fashion Council’s Fashion award 2017 was held last December 4th at the Royal Albert Hall in London, celebrating and rewarding the most influential figures of the 2017 fashion scene: among others Donatella Versace, with …

“Nostalgia” for Pompeii

Madre Musuem’s great exhibition: for the first time, the ancient city’s exhibitions shown along with the work of great 20th century artists

A dialogue between past and present, artisans and artists, raw and processed materials, ancient and modern art, which creates an incredible, unprecedented mixture and makes the exhibition Pompei @ Madre. Materia Archeologica among the most interesting exhibits worldwide this Winter. Inaugurated on November 18th at …

Levante’s “fake bob”

An easy way to change your look without going under the hairdresser's scissors

30 years old, from Caltagirone (Catania) although she grew up in Turin, where she moved with her mother after the death of her father. Musician and singer (latest album, Nel caos di stanze stupefacenti 2017), her first novel came out in January, If I cannot …

Victoria’s Secret Show 2017

55 models on the Catwalk in Shanghai and a $ 2 million Fantasy Bra

The fairy-tale that Victoria’s Secrets has built for 22 years with her end of year show, was held this year in Shanghai, China (a country which would not allow Gigi Hadid and Katy Perry to take part for “political reasons”). Sumptuous scenes, perfect direction, opulence, …

ON HAIR // All the hair looks

17 hair fashion ideas live from the On Hair stage by Cosmoprof

19 November 2017, live from Bologna Fiere, the hair look gallery introduced by The Italian Touch Hair Team for the Extra-Ordinary Karl Show, inspired by the polyhedral genius Karl Lagerfeld: “The hairdresser of the future, an all-round genious. Here we have a stylist with a …

The Poor People’s Barber

Is a haircut and a shave enough to give confidence to those who have nothing? Yes

“We’re not raising awareness; we’re raising compassion”, Joshua Coombes describes what he has been doing for a few years with his organisation: spreading awareness that we are able to make a difference with our compassion, the ability to identify with other people’s feelings and take …

A portrait of Karl Lagerfeld

On Sunday our Hair Team returns, and yes, the entire show will be a tribute to King Karl. From 12:30 on OnHair Bologna and live here on facebook

84 years old, son of a family of Hamburg bankers, creative director of Fendi (in 1965, he invented the logo with the two F’s, from the slogan for ‘Fun Fur’) and Chanel (since 1983, catalogue photos and advertising).  He has own unique style: always wearing …

Three cuts by Trevor Sorbie

“The Wedge”, “The Scrunch” e “The Chop” commentati da Mauro Galzignato

He is one of the hairstylists who has left an indelible mark on the industry, with a career which he started at just 15 years old, and still largely influences the world of hair today. Trevor Sorbie is recognised for having three excellent signature looks, …