K-NOW #2

K-NOW / Aesthetic Newstalgic Beauty

K-NOW shoots the new Kemon Autumn/Winter 2018/2019 fashion-hair collection in Berlin. A city of stories which stratify in the decades, where every wall, every coffee shop, and public toilet tells a story of freedom, transgression, emancipation. A city where the concept of Newstalgia is current, …

K-NOW #2

"The greatest cultural extravagance imaginable" (David Bowie)

“Paris is always Paris and Berlin is never Berlin” (Jack Lang, ex minister of culture, discussing how fast the city changes). An always different urban scene, one of the biggest cultural capitals in the world where nothing stays more visible than what is attempted to …

K-NOW #2

Fall/Winter 2018 Collection

An urban attitude, casual, which connects with a world where the real and the virtual coexist feeding off each other. Chromatic contrasts redefine traditional aesthetic canons, recalling details of the past which are reinterpreted in an alternative and absolutely interesting way. Colour Cramer Color 7.24 …

K-NOW #2

A digital experience translated into a tone of fashion, in which the digital part belongs to the light effects which according to their inclination, change colours and also emotions, evoked by an image, a fabric, a place, a hair colour. Colour NaYo 8.44 + NaYo …

K-NOW #2

Behind the hair fashion Collection

Davide Carlucci // From Bologna, 31. His passion for technology and digital graphics brought him to coordinate the texts and step by step of the collections’ hair looks. Freelance hairstylist, he also collaborates with important fashion magazines and in the most important fashion events in Italy. Diego …

K-NOW #2

Berlin edition / Avant-garde galleries

  Berlinische Galerie / berlinischegalerie.de / Born in 1975 to celebrate the attachment of the city to modern culture and architecture, the Berlinische is housed today in a 60s manufacturing workshop converted into the gallery-museum by Jorg Fricke in 2004. Divided in two spaces connected by suspended staircases …

K-NOW #2

Mykita glasses shops

Its first headquarters, in Berlin, were an ex-kindergarten, Kita in German, hence the name Mykita. And it is probably a coincidence but creativity, reinterpreting rules in a personal key and the capacity to think out-of-the-box which so characterize that phase of life when playing prevails, …

K-NOW #2

Liquidrom / liquidrom-berlin.de

If every space is friendly in Berlin, this is one of the friendliest spaces in Berlin. Liquidrom is a “sensorial water world”, maximum contemporary evolution of the concept of Design SPA, where it is possible to relax in the dark, with electronic or classical music …

K-NOW #2

Klub7 / klub7.de

One of the most notorious street art collectives in Berlin, in constant rise from the end of the 90s to today in Germany and the world. Six artists, six friends, six different styles perfectly harmonized between them. We contact via mail Ingo aka Diskorobot to …

K-NOW #2

Julian Rosenfeldt & Cate Blanchett’s Manifesto

A homage to the art world through 13 art and literary manifestoes of historical Avant-guards of the 20th century, 13 very different faces, 13 genius monologues interpreted by a magnificent Cate Blanchett. Manifesto, by director Julian Rosenfeldt, is not only a film, it is a …